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Technical Details:


Air Receiver:






Max pressure:




Regulator Gauge:


Unit Weight:


Unit Size (cm):


Bambi BB15V Air Compressor

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15 litres


220-240 vac


50 litres/min (1.75 cfm) Displacement


8 bar (116 psi)


10 microns


0 – 8 bar


25 Kilos


47h x 37w x 37d





The Budget Range has been developed for those users where ultra low noise and high performance is essential. With sound levels from just 40dB(A) and almost no vibration when running, Bambi Budget Compressors can be located in the work area withouit causing noise intrusion.


Where space is really limited, the 'V' designated models have the same specification as the wheel mounted versions but in an ultra compact package (see BB15V and BB24V). Standard versions have an 8 bar minimum working pressure, optional higher pressures are available on request.


Designed to require minimal maintenance and to ensure years of trouble frr use, these compressors meet the needs of many applications including, sewing machines, welding machines, eyelet machines as well as uses for air-brushing, exhibition stands, glue dispensing, pneumatic controls, stapling - anywhere where compressed air is needed silently!


But Budget Range does not mean budget specifcation. Each model in the range has the following features as standard:


   internally coated air receiver

   clearview oil level checker

   easy to use oil filler plug

   10 micron outlet filter & adjustable pressure regulator


Bambi compressors are manufactured in the UK guaranteeing quality, ease of use and reliability as standard on every model. A comprehensive warranty extending to 3 years on the air receiver ensures peace of mind.