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Our basic stage equipment includes things like stage weights, stage braces & tank traps, but we can also supply 2D stock scenery and custom flats/ scenery on a sales basis - click here for details.


Stage weights are usually used in combination with a stage brace or French brace and together they keep all sorts of set builds and designs stable. Depending on the size and complexities of the sets/design the amount of stage weights needed to secure the structures can range from as little as 2 to as many as 400 and even more. Though they are more commonly used for theatre flats, set elements and as counterweights (in conjunction with the right cradle), we have also supplied them to customers who used them for displays, partitions, extra security on tank traps, outdoor marquees, load testing, and even in art installations.


The stage braces come in three different sizes and are extendable from 1.2m-2m, 1.7m-3m and 2.2m-4m. They are used to support lightweight scenery to which they are normally secured via a screw eye.

Basic Stage Equipment

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Among other things we also offer heavy duty tank traps made by Doughty, which are useful for temporary structures, such as scaffold frames. They are also perfect for boom arms to fly luminaires, which makes them Ideal for side lighting.


Please note, we do not list all of our hire equipment. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch - we might have what you are looking for in stock, or if not, we might be able to come up with a different solution.



Stage Weights (each)


Stage Weights (25 +)


Stage Weights (50 +)



Stage Braces (each)


Stage Braces (25 +)


Stage Braces (50 +)



Stage Brace + Weight


Stage Braces + Weights (25 +)


Stage Braces + Weights (50 +)



Doughty Tank Traps (each)

Hire Prices

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The majority of weights that we supply come in any condition, as most of the time they are hidden away backstage, behind a flat or display, which makes their physical appearance unimportant.


However, sometimes the weights are visible to the audience or visitors, for example, when they are used for supporting the base of flagpoles and/or displays at trade shows, or when they are part of an art installation.


In these situations their appearance isn't necessarily a negligible factor, especially at prestigious events, as a rusty stage weight would simply stand out and look tatty.


We can supply solid black weights for an adittional charge OR you can spray paint them black yourself.


- 12.5Kg (+/- 5%)

- size: 211mm x 211mm x 60mm

- made of cast iron with malleable iron handle

- location lugs on corners allow for easy stacking

- slots through the centre on the bottom let them sit safely on stage braces and French braces

Please note



- Size: 600 x 600mm

- Receiver: 48 - 51mm (Size 8 Scaffold tube)

- Weight: 16.14 Kg

- cut out in the base to allow compact stacking

- new version with handle for easier carrying



- foot is designed to mate with  stage weight, but also allows the use of stage screws

-Flint's braces are made from tulipwood with bright zinc plated fittings

- Doughty braces made from steel (Attention: Limited Qty.)

- Variable lengths of

Flint's: 1.2m - 2m, 1.7m - 3m, 2.2m - 4m

Doughty: 1 - 2m, 1.5 - 3m, 2 - 4m