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The Electro Kabuki is an innovative control technology that has been designed to reliably release loads of up to 50kg. It does so by means of a powerful electro-magnet (solenoid) holding a pivoting hook, which in turn holds the load you want to drop. It is suitable for curtains/drapes, scenery change, special effects, dummies, or cables on cue as a straight drop or at any angle. It is also suitable for very light loads.


The Electro Kabuki is supplied off-the-shelf with all elements ready to connect and operate. In fact the Electro Kabuki couldn’t be easier to rig. Simply attach the Electro Kabuki modules to a flying bar or truss, spacing them 1-1.5 metre apart, daisy-chain them with the easy colour-coded cabling and connect the firing box to the end of your Electro Kabuki chain. Visually check the system status indicators (only available on the EK2). Switch the firing box to ‘armed’ and you’re ready to go.

Electro Kabuki

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Electro Kabuki 2 mechanism (Circuit 1/2)








Firing box + Circuit selector








Basic Firing box








Sensing/DMX Firing Box








End of Line Indicator








Cabling System





Splitter box (1 in : 3 out)








In line coupler (1 : 1)








2 metre link cable








5 metre link cable








10 metre link cable








20 metre link cable








30 metre link cable


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The Electro Kabuki is just as easy to operate as it is to set up. Press the 'Fire' button and the solenoids will release the hooks, so all of your Electro Kabuki modules drop simultaneously. It is also possible to control the system via DMX for an automated synchronised remote release (requires an 'End of Line Indicator').


There is nothing to get hung up about. The unique hook design makes it possible for your theatrical reveal or special effect to be effortless and perfect.


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