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- Suitable for crimping 0.51mm and 0.75mm wire ropes.


- Fits 1/32” oval ferrules and stops and some non-standard brass micro ferrules.


- Complete with instructions.


Test results show that the 17-BA can be successfully used to crimp .51mm micro cable using 0.26mm brass ferrules. In the test the wire breaks first at ~34kg, leaving the crimp unaffected. This was achieved by making two compressions using the smallest position.


Note: Micro Ferrules are not approved for lifting!


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Nicopress 17-BA

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Available Ferules:



Copper (Galvanised Steel Rope)





Tin Plated Copper (Stainless Steel Rope)






B - 0.51mm (non-standard) & 0.75mm

Zinc Plated Copper (Galvanised Steel Rope)





Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel Rope)



Aluminium (Galvanised Steel Rope)





Aluminium (Synthetic & Fiber)