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- Single sleeve pressing-groove for 7/32"


- Suitable for crimping 18-8-F2 (plain copper), 28-8-F2 (zinc plated), or 428-7-VF2 (tin plated) ferrules on 6mm stainless steel or galvanised wire ropes with a 7x7 or 7x19 construction.


- Supplied complete with instructions and check gauge


Note: Unless Imperial wire rope is used, most crimps will be slightly above or slightly below 'normal' compression, so make sure to proof test your crimps before putting on final load.

Using this crimper with 6mm wire rope results in slightly higher compression. Rroof test crimp before use.


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Nicopress 51-F2-850

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Available Ferules:



Copper (Galvanised Steel Rope)





Tin Plated Copper (Stainless Steel Rope)






F2 - 6mm

Zinc Plated Copper (Galvanised Steel Rope)





Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel Rope)



Aluminium (Galvanised Steel Rope)





Aluminium (Synthetic & Fiber)