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If you ever took your show abroad then you will probably already know that it is now a prerequisite to mark the weight of scenery before it is flown. In order to do that pretty much hassle free we offer for hire a set of weigh beam scales. These are ideal for weighing large pieces of scenery or pallets up to 2500Kg. The beams are 1.2m long and supplied with 4 m long cables and a digital display/remote unit.


Furthermore we also have load cells for hire. Load cells are electronic load indicators that measure tensile forces and determine hanging loads and can be used in construction, inspection, safety organizations, monitoring lifting systems, checking tension or any application where weight or force data is required.


One of the most commonly used load cells is the Dynafor LLX 2.5t, which is accurate to +/- 0.2%. It is supplied complete with an up-to-date-copy of the calibration certificate by its manufacturer Tractel UK and two 5t Crosby bow shackles to aid with rigging.

Weighing & Measuring

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Set of 2x Weigh Beam Scales with 2500Kg Capacity + Remote Display





Tractel Dynafor LLX 2.5t Load Cell (includes 2x 5t Crosby bow shackles)


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